Take a Sip

Take a Sip

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By Dr. Terri Simmons

No matter where we find ourselves, whether it be in your job or business, relationships or family, you will drink from 4 cups of life’s experiences. Some cups are far more bitter for some than others but we all must drink from them. There is no way to get around them so pull up a chair and prepare to take a sip!

  1. The Cup of ISOLATION: Pressures of life sometimes seem to separate you from family and friends. And that’s not a bad thing. You may want to slip into a slumber state but this is the time to regroup and reorganize your plans and reassess your choices up to this point. Maybe no one has answered your distress calls, don’t press the panic button. See it as a time of reflection and quietness. You already have many of the answers you need and what you don’t have, there are mentors readily available to give you the rest. You must be able to drink from this cup in order to graduate to the next cup. A cup unlearned is a cup returned!
  2. The Cup of CONFUSION: Contradictions are all around you. Sit, sip and think. Some things you will be able to make sense of and some things are not for you to make sense of right now. The answers to those perplexing questions will come not when you ask but when you can better understand. Great leaders have all experienced great contradictions. Don’t let them be your stumbling blocks but allow them to be your building blocks. Contradictions are the building blocks of your process.
  3. The Cup of BETRAYAL: This is perhaps the hardest cup to drink from but one that if you don’t go through, you won’t get through and you are bound to repeat because of ignorance. This cup creates a toughness and an awareness in you that is necessary for your journey. Looking through the world with rose colored glasses hurts no one but you. Wise up, it’s the principle thing!
  4. The Cup of RENEWAL: This is the place of reward. This is where all of your hard work, grinding it out, patience and all of the frustrations and irritations finally pay off. You have gained strength and you see it. You have gained wisdom, knowledge and more understanding and you are willing to share it. You have no problem walking in transparency because it ultimately helps someone else. Take a deep breath of the refreshing air of renewal.

All of your experiences and all of the cups you have had to drink from were not for you but for you to tell someone else what each cup tastes like. In life we are thrown into a sort of a “Pay-It-Forward” board game. Whether we chose to actually throw the dice and play is up to us. If we elect to sip and pass the cup we will be rewarded with a new cup and at a new level. If we choose not to sip and pass, the same cup will be returned.

I make a java toast…. here’s to you!


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