7 Secrets of Super Heroes

7 Secrets of Super Heroes

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by Dr. Terri Simmons

We all want to be that Super Hero of Success but do we have what it really takes? When we take the time to get rid of the kryptonite called, fear, doubt and unbelief, what remains is self-confidence, wisdom and the ability to weigh out good decisions over bad ones.

Real Super Heroes have a controlled, inner strength that is developed over time. There is no need to show-off what they know or who they are or even what they can do, they just be who they be quietly, confidently and with great humility. The world goes bananas over them, but they remain filled with all they have gained in their pursuit of gratitude thus making them successful.

There are dozens more but here are 7 secrets to helping us earn our “S”.

  1. They Balance Their Network: Super heroes secretly and quietly network. They balance their business and personal relationships. Never wanting either side to feel slighted or used, Super heroes keep the information on the other separate.
  2. They Create Quietly: Super heroes begin new ventures in private so that they can either work out the kinks, go back to the drawing board to think or scratch the idea all together without interference. Supers don’t unveil their finished product until it is ultimately finished. No one will ever know the work and toil it took to get it going, they will only see the finished product which is why there is such a great “S” on the chest of the Super hero!
  3. They Leap Over Each Wall: Super heroes have learned how many paces back they need to take in order to leap up and over every challenge. Super heroes have hit their share of walls in their efforts to learn how to jump every hurdle. Building a record of successes and logging failures gives them a reference for confidence, wisdom, experiences and humility that they use for every wall that comes up.
  4. They Think Things Through: Super heroes are always thinking up new ideas, adventures and projects, but, they keep them hidden until they are thought out as thoroughly as possible. Then they commit those ideas to paper and continue shaping their new concepts and keeping them under close guard until it’s time for public exposure.
  5. They Don’t Believe The Hype: Super heroes are introverts with extrovert characteristics. They would rather be alone or with a few very close friends. But because they are public figures, even to their business partners, they must make themselves available and be socially outgoing, friendly and fun. As with entertainers, the public sees these Super heroes at fantastic, but it is important for these outstanding figures of strength to remain humble or come crashing to the ground.
  6. They Take The Lead: Super heroes see what needs to be done and quietly and confidently they do it. They would rather be asked down than to be asked up.
  7. They Locate Solid Ground For Their Seed: Super heroes look and listen for solid ground and then bury their seed. When their harvest time comes, they quietly collect and store it up. Whether it’s people, places or things, they stand in the background, listen and make their decision on investing into the good soil for a solid return. And then they repeat their good investment.

We all face challenges, however the Super’s abound, it seems with grace and we don’t realize that it took them years to attain the skills of a Super hero. What skills? The skills of making smart, precise decisions, keen insight and how to ride with the wind. They have learned over time how to approach their enemies head on, attack with force and land on their feet.

Super Heroes are inconspicuous initially. However over time, if you are paying attention, you will begin to see their cape blowing in the wind, rescuing damsels in distress, or witness their effortless leaps seemingly in a single bound. When their “S” is revealed to you, is when you know you have been in the company of greatness. Pay close attention, for you may be looking in the mirror, the “S” may finally be on your own chest!


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