10 “F” Words To Helping You Become Successful

10 “F” Words To Helping You Become Successful

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By Dr. Terri Simmons

Monumentally successful people seem to glide right through life and land at the top of the success mountain and making fantastic friends and associates easily along the way. But that’s not true at all. Successful people became such because of the many “F” words they have framed in their heart and mind with the greatest of these words being faith!

What are some of these great “F” words? Here they are:

  1. Forget Fate! Do it because you love it. You make things “be” because you make that choice to make things “be”!
  2. Fail Forward. Every single successful person failed all the way to the top of their game. The difference in their success and someone else’s failure is they didn’t quit. Oprah, Van Gogh and Disney, for example, all made terrible mistakes along their journey that have made them highly successful and house-hold names today. Keep swinging and missing at that rock, one good hit might not break that rock but many swings and many hits over time will cause it to break wide open!
  3. Fear Not. The road to success is already rough and rocky. Real friends along the way are few and far between. Family will show their true colors; either they are for you or against you. So the last thing you need is to doubt your own efforts and abilities. Fortify yourself with every “Yes I can” piece of ammunition that you can find and shoot yourself with it every day.
  4. Forward March. Even if it all seems to be falling apart. You don’t know what’s at the end of that unpaved, unmarked, weed infested road if you quit. So what if no one else has travel or no one else has gone through what you’ve gone through. Be the first, mess it up first, use that experience to your advantage and make a trail for others to follow.
  5. Focus Far. Set your goals for around the corner and not just for outside the front door. Be persistent and shoot for the top of the company no matter how long it takes. Along the way you will learn all the things that will make you successful. But choosing not to go for it means not to learn what it takes to get to the top but you will however learn what it takes to keep you on the bottom! It’s persistent focus that will get you to the top not intelligence.
  6. Figure It Out. If you want it bad enough, you will beg, borrow, sell or create a way to get it done.
  7. Fact Ability.   Calculate your risks. Only risk it all if you have calculated that the only outcome is that you will absolutely win.
  8. Foresee. Never invest in something you cannot explain nor understand. If you can see it done before it’s done, then it is done. If you can see making money from it before money is made, then there is a lot of money to make from it. If you don’t know its use, misuse is inevitable.
  9. False Representation. Wearing a mask will cut you off before you really get started. It will cause you to be self-centered, perpetuate your imaginary fears, create a misery spirit and ultimately shut down your long-term plans. While your short-term plans might seem to fly right, you cannot become successful alone. People need people…real sincere people with service in their heart for another. Selfishness eventually dries up everything.
  10. Forge Ahead. Do it now. Create it now. Make it now. Teach it now. Learn it now. Give it now. You may not get that chance tomorrow. You may not have been able to do it yesterday, but it’s on your mind right now so make the effort to forge ahead and get started on making it happen right now.

Frame these “F” words in your mind and stay in the fight. Don’t stop until you reach your frontier. At some point, if you just don’t quit, you will be that successful person you set out to become.



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