Creating Accomplishment with Your Words

Creating Accomplishment with Your Words

Did you know?

What you believe to be positive and motivating thoughts just may be what is keeping you from achieving your goals?

For example, you may constantly think, “I want to buy a new home,” or, “I want to go back to school and get a degree.” These both seem like positive thoughts, BUT they are actually hindering you from getting your new home or attaining that degree.


The phrase “I want” keeps you WANTING to do these things instead of actually doing them. So, you continue to WANT to buy the home or WANT to get a degree — never accomplishing your goals.

Train yourself to be very conscious of the thoughts you have, the words you say, the habits you develop, and the beliefs you hold dear. Your beliefs determine what you habitually do. What you habitually do is governed by what you say you will do. And what you say you will do was merely a thought before you ever uttered the words.

You are a creator, and your world is constructed on the foundation that is your mindset. If you don’t like the world you are living in now, you have the power to change it by first changing your mind.

We are embarking on a new year, use this as an opportunity to start things fresh. But in order for THINGS to change, YOU must change first! That means letting go of all the beliefs you hold about not being able to change because of one thing or another.

Going into 2015, let’s graduate our words from, “I want,” to, “I WILL,” and, “I AM!” Let us achieve the life of our dreams that, so far, we have only been practicing to live. It is time to not just have potential, but to be accomplished!

Written by: Javona Smith

Excerpt from the upcoming book, “From bags to Riches: Overcome Emotional Baggage.
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