Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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What you believe to be positive and motivating thoughts just may be what is keeping you from achieving your goals?

For example, you may constantly think, “I want to buy a new home,” or, “I want to go back to school and get a degree.” These both seem like positive thoughts, BUT they are actually hindering you from getting your new home or attaining that degree.


The phrase “I want” keeps you WANTING to do these things instead of actually doing them. So, you continue to WANT to buy the home or WANT to get a degree — never accomplishing your goals.

Train yourself to be very conscious of the thoughts you have, the words you say, the habits you develop, and the beliefs you hold dear. Your beliefs determine what you habitually do. What you habitually do is governed by what you say you will do. And what you say you will do was merely a thought before you ever uttered the words.

You are a creator, and your world is constructed on the foundation that is your mindset. If you don’t like the world you are living in now, you have the power to change it by first changing your mind.

We are embarking on a new year, use this as an opportunity to start things fresh. But in order for THINGS to change, YOU must change first! That means letting go of all the beliefs you hold about not being able to change because of one thing or another.

Going into 2015, let’s graduate our words from, “I want,” to, “I WILL,” and, “I AM!” Let us achieve the life of our dreams that, so far, we have only been practicing to live. It is time to not just have potential, but to be accomplished!

Written by: Javona Smith

Excerpt from the upcoming book, “From bags to Riches: Overcome Emotional Baggage.
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There are people in the world who, in an attempt to make themselves seem greater-than, are consistently trying to one-up you. They claim to be a better parent than you or are always bragging about a new high-tech gadget they recently purchased or how fulfilling their love life is. When you allow them to penetrate your mind, it causes you to lose focus on how great you are.

The truth is that one-uppers don’t really believe they are better than you; they enjoy telling you how wonderful they are because they have a delicate self-esteem and they are trying to impress you. They feel that you are worthy of impressing. Remember that and be gentle when someone tells you they have an 80” television compared with your 70”. If they really thought you were beneath them they wouldn’t feel the need to compare notes with you at all.

When some of us encounter the aforementioned type of person, we may feel insecure and waste time trying to fix what is wrong with us instead of shrugging it off. In addition, there is always something in the media that will lead you to focus on what you are lacking or on what is wrong with you. You then get distracted from your strengths because your focus is misplaced.

The first step is changing your own mindset or your perspective. For example, instead of taking action on your faults and the thing that is supposedly wrong with you, spend more time building up what you are good at and the things that are right with you.

In order to focus on what is right with you or your strong points, practice being more optimistic rather than pessimistic. Here is what this looks like: instead of wallowing in negative thoughts, think positive ones. When you find yourself thinking negatively, train yourself to snap out of it by thinking of positive outcomes instead. What can you learn from the situation or circumstance? Can this experience eventually help others get through this once you conquer it? If you think of positive outcomes in the place of impending doom, you open yourself up to be stronger and have more power over your own life.

Focus on building upon your strengths with what you already have, and more of that will be attracted to you, out weighing any so-called weak areas. If you have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) you may a tough time securing employment. Turn this into a strength by finding a fast-paced job with flexible hours and a less-rigid structure. Or start your own business so that you can design your own work environment and hours.

Everyone has at least one thing they can do better than thousands of other people. But so many people will claim not to have any talents or strengths. We were all created with at least one gift to share with the world, but we have to unwrap it and own it ourselves before we can give it away. If you don’t know it already, figure out what your strength is, own it, give it away, and watch your life change for the best – not because life became easier. But because you became better and stronger.

Written by: Javona Smith

Excerpt from the upcoming book, “From Bags to Riches: Overcome Emotional Baggage.”

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Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” ~ Helen Keller

You cannot have big ideas in small spaces, broaden your mind. Picture yourself being the best YOU ever, then take massive action to get there. Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I will believe it when I see it’? If this is your belief, it will hold you back from the greatness you can accomplish. A simple change of words and can change your life. A belief is what guides you into action. If you already believe a thing you will do everything it takes to make it happen. However, if you think you need to see it first, you may be waiting a very long time. There is no time like now to take massive action towards living the life you have always wanted.

Your beliefs and your mindset are one and the same. If you believe you can’t realize your dreams, you won’t. If you have a winning mindset, your dreams are already realized or just waiting for you to catch up.

There are many people who have started out just like you and went on to accomplish great things because they believed they could. Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Brian Tracy and many more started out with so much baggage they couldn’t stand up against the world at times. They did not allow what their experiences to hinder them from living their best life. Oprah Winfrey was sexually abused by her brother, Jim Carey lived out of his car in Hollywood, Tyler Perry was molested by church members, Steve Harvey was homeless and divorced on his way to success, Brian Tracy did not graduate from high school.

If they had all waited until success came knocking on their door, they would not be where they are today. Instead, they sought out success and it eventually attracted to them like a magnet. It all starts with a belief. If you believe that “money is the root of all evil,” chances are you will be broke or subconsciously spend every dollar you earn for fear that it will somehow corrupt you. If you believe, “all men are dogs,” chances are you will always keep a man in the doghouse instead of in your heart. If you believe you are, “fat and ugly,” chances are you will create or contribute to that outcome.

It is more rewarding to know that money itself isn’t evil, but the people who love it are. Know that there are good men in the world get out of your comfort zone and make yourself available to one. Stop overeating or eating unhealthy foods. Get a makeover to change the way you look. But even doing all these things won’t change your life if you don’t change your beliefs. If you believe something cannot happen for you, you create the loser energy in your life. Once you believe you can do something, you will own the winning energy to do it.

Excerpt from the upcoming book, “From Bags to Riches: Overcome Emotional Baggage.”

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