Thursday, December 18, 2014

“Our mission is to train and develop leaders, period. Because after it’s all said and done… Leaders make sure that there is more done… than said!” ~ Mr. Tony Fleming & The Elite Team

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Motivation: The Blog That Matters

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By Dr. Terri Simmons      Becoming wealthy may have been a childhood dream but it can also become a reality. There are important habits of...

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“We cannot teach people anything; We can only help them discover it within themselves.” ~ Galileo Galilei Whatever you are feeling inside will radiate outside....

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Many people do not believe they can do what they want to do in their lives. Whenever they get close to something they really want,...

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By Dr. Terri Simmons Monumentally successful people seem to glide right through life and land at the top of the success mountain and making fantastic...

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