Friday, October 31, 2014

“Our mission is to train and develop leaders, period. Because after it’s all said and done… Leaders make sure that there is more done… than said!” ~ Mr. Tony Fleming & The Elite Team

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Motivation: The Blog That Matters


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Leaders should be willing to risk their own interests so that others may advance, and those who put people before numbers have greater long-term...

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The person who thinks he can lead by demand or position will only lead for a short time. One's real motive can't be hidden....

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Once you achieve success it has to be sustained. Be sure to avoid resting on your laurels - feeling like you have "arrived" and...

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There is some great training in this brief video. To expedite success in your network marketing business you must be willing to invest in...

Sites & Sounds of Success


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Beyond Positive Thinking: Your mental state will be in question when you endeavor to follow the illusion that you create and expect to win....

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Do you have the understanding and the power to walk through mess so that you can come out on top. Sit, listen and learn.


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